Movie-making catching on as Realtors sell homes

In previous years, real estate agents as to settle for more antiquated tactics in order to sell properties. Nowadays, some people are turning to an old Hollywood technique - making movies.

In previous years, real estate agents had to settle for more antiquated tactics in order to sell properties. Nowadays, some people are turning to an old Hollywood technique - making movies. 

Today's consumer appears to be changing, and many real estate professionals are taking to new and unique strategies to help show homes and generate sales. Convincing buyers of the charm foreclosed houses provide, or demonstrating the creative floor plan of a certain home might now be made easier with video, instead of words and photos. 

Redefining a home movie
Once a home movie meant filming a family get-together. Now, Realtors are using video to capture the positive features of a listed property as a method to help sell homes, according to ABC News. In fact, this has quickly become a growing trend within the industry. 

To begin with, many people are creating mini-movies, which tend to act as virtual tours of a residence, the news source reported. Not only do these clips act as a walkthrough, but they also feature scripts, actors and music - creating a big-budget, Hollywood-like feel for the standard neighborhood home. One Australian-based real estate company spent as much as $15,000 on their high-quality theatrical take, but most real estate agents don't have to spend anywhere near that in order to receive the same benefits. 

Curt Hahn, CEO for Film House, told the news source that a movie incorporates an additional emotional investment for the viewers. When people get to the end of the film, they often see what the payoff is. 

For the budding Realtor turned filmmaker who wants to demonstrate their advanced knowledge learned from real estate records and property data, spending the big bucks doesn't need to be a reality. Eric Lavey, a Los-Angeles-area real estate agent, explained to ABC News that listed properties stand out when a movie is included, and that could help people fall in love with a home that they probably wouldn't have otherwise. 

Even agents who want to make a film should have the best possible information for their clients. Courthouse Retrieval System can provide that, with access to detailed and accurate mortgage records and real estate property records, among other items.

Where to get started
Not every home movie needs to strive to become a cinema classic. Instead, Realtors may want to recommend to their clients to make a brief testimonial or walkthrough video, according to MSN Real Estate. Doing this should help a home get noticed, possibly generating more interest and helping a sale along. Additionally, listings with videos could also increase buyer traffic during an open house. 

Terry Burger, of Re/Max Unlimited in Atlanta, told the news source that he used films for three of his houses, and two sold quickly with the final offer being very close to the asking price.

While having a Realtor do a lot of talking during a video isn't necessarily a bad idea, it might be better for the sellers themselves to get in front of the camera, MSN Real Estate noted. It could possibly appeal more to the viewer, adding a personal touch and helping people remember properties for longer, Burger added. 

In addition, the trend is building. Agents are becoming fonder of movie-making, and it doesn't cost a lot to get started.

"I absolutely think this is going to trickle down," Rogan Allen, a Nashville resident who used a film to help sell his home, told ABC News. "I absolutely think that people with iPhones are going to make short films and upload them to YouTube. Anyone with a camera and use of the English language will be able to pull this off and probably in extremely clever ways we haven't thought of."

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