Attract clients with simple, concise website design

When it comes to a great real estate website, agents should focus on simple, clear design elements and informative content.

"Easy to use" is a big selling point for consumers these days. It applies to nearly everything, from home appliances to technology. Therefore, when it comes to a great real estate website, agents should focus on simple, clear design elements and informative content.

High quality information like property data is great for Realtors, and in the same way the real estate website's content needs to provide value for current or potential clients.

Think mobile when designing a site
Most people today operate on the go. Searching for real estate should be easy to do from a mobile device, and if an agent's site is created with this purpose in mind they might have an easier time attracting clients.

One way to do this is by putting a large amount of information on one screen and using links to connect users to more data, according to Bernice Ross, contributor at Inman News. For instance, the site could have links to home addresses, photos, directions, contact information and so on. So when a client is checking the site on a mobile device, all they have to do is click a link to take them to more in-depth information.

Another tactic is a niche website, Ross noted. What this means is one site designed for a single property type - for example, foreclosed houses. The site could only have these types of listings, and will be marketed solely to clients interested in foreclosures. This can be done for a variety of property types, and it allows more content to be published because an agent isn't trying to squeeze in a wide range of information.

The more informed a Realtor is, the better they can sell and attract clients. Courthouse Retrieval System provides quality, accurate real estate records and much more that could help across the entire real estate profession.

Design tips for a real estate website
Even if the information on the website is perfect, some other design elements also make a difference. For example, an agent could appeal to a potential client's emotions to help make a sale, according to website design firm PetersonLive. Many buyers are driven by emotions when it comes to shopping for real estate. Therefore, a great Realtor should focus on this when building a site.

One way to do this is with photos. A website geared toward family-friendly properties might benefit from images of children playing in the front yard, for instance. An agent could create their site to market a lifestyle as much as a home. Photos are a great strategy to do that.

Another method to attract clients with a website is with clear, legible design elements, the news source noted. For someone to shop online, they need to be able to actually read the content. Simple wins in this regard. Black text on a white background is easy to see and understand. Great deals on foreclosed houses or other properties shouldn't be hidden behind poor design choices.

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