Buyers love mobile devices, Realtors should as well

At the moment, the real estate industry is all about technology. This applies to everyone, from buyers and sellers to Realtors and home appraisal professionals.

At the moment, the real estate industry is all about technology. This applies to everyone, from buyers and sellers to Realtors and home appraisal professionals.

Technology is everywhere. Therefore, it is up to an enterprising Realtor to take advantage of the tools at hand - especially when it comes to mobile devices - to get the most out of the industry.

Buyers embrace mobility
The consumer end of the real estate market is all about mobile technology. Roughly eight out of every 10 buyers look at home information on a phone or tablet, according to a survey by the California Association of Realtors.

"With more and more consumers using mobile devices and mobile technology, such as apps and social media platforms, buyers are increasingly using their smartphones and computer tablets to view comparable house prices, search for properties, take photos, and create videos of homes and amenities, as well as research communities and real estate agents," said Don Faught, president of CAR. "As a result, home buyers today are more informed and have a greater sense of control over what could be a daunting process."

Because of the close relationship buyers and sellers have with mobile technology, that means a Realtor should attempt to utilize the same concept.

Social media use among homebuyers is also on the rise, CAR reported. That means real estate agents and other professionals should also use this technology, which is easy to manage via any mobile device. A greater social media presence by a Realtor may help attract more clients.

In an information-dominated real estate segment, Courthouse Retrieval System can help professionals gain the upper hand. Up-to-date property data, mortgage records and much more can help anyone in the industry.

Mobile devices can pick up the slack
While a well-informed Realtor tends to be the better one, not everyone knows everything in real estate records or other data off the top of their head. A mobile device can help with that.

Mobile technology can now allow Realtors access to every little bit of information that they need, wherever they want it, according to the Nashville Business Journal. 

"With the iPad, I'm more mobile, which means I'm faster," Lizz Kabat, head of Kabat Real Estate Solutions, told the news source. "I have more information quicker. So I can work on the fly when a client asks me a question."

A client could ask that question at any time. Therefore, the best Realtors have a mobile device handy to answer anything that they already don't know. Speedier delivery of valuable information is a major plus for a client, and anyone who is buying or selling a home can appreciate access to information at the touch of a button, something that tablets and smartphones could provide.

In addition, some real estate professionals have used mobile devices not just for the number of specialized applications available, the news source noted. Some use a tablet as a financial calculator, web browser and file folder. Now, all of the crucial data a Realtor needs to seconds away, not a trip back to the office.

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