Tips for better real estate videos

Marketing and advertising is a vital part of real estate, and those who can do it better are more likely to succeed.

Real estate agents are faced with a tough task - figuring out a way to stand out in the crowd. There are a lot of professionals, and each one has to advertise their listings, from foreclosed houses to new construction. Therefore, marketing is a vital part of the industry, and those who can do it better are more likely to succeed.

One way to successfully advertise is by using a real estate video. These tools can help an agent look more appealing to potential clients, while also providing an interesting method to market properties. A well-crafted clip takes a little bit of skill, however, and novice real estate agents could make several common mistakes when filming.

Avoid these frequent errors
A regular, old real estate listing can be spiced up with a video. When first starting out, though, agents should be careful not to produce a bland, boring film. Every little aspect of the video matters - from the title all the way to the end - and learning how to do it all well can make a difference for one's business.

According to Animoto, good video communication starts with that title. It introduces clients to the clip, and it both previews what to expect and draws people in. If it doesn't do that well, it might need to be revised. Solid titles should include a description of the property, as well as any other unique features.

In addition, the style is also important. Simple and clean choices work better for real estate, the news source noted. Few viewers want a flashy video that distracts from the star of the show - the house. However, real estate agents shouldn't be afraid to try new things and experiment. Different target audiences may have certain preferences.

Regardless of the content of the video, it should always include the agent's contact information, Animoto explained. A video won't be as good if the viewer can't get in touch with who made it, and that would also defeat the purpose of this type of marketing. A simple slide with the relevant data will do the trick, either at the beginning or the end.

Courthouse Retrieval System can help agents film the best possible video. With an expansive collection of property data, mortgage records and much more, all real estate professionals can get the information they need to excel within the industry.

Craft the best content
Shaky, out-of-focus videos are a bad idea, according to Mary Umberger, a contributor to Inman News. Unfortunately, too many real agents produce low-quality affairs that turn away more clients than they bring in.

One way to start out is with a tripod. Handheld footage often looks poor, and most cameras are too hard to hold steady. Great lighting is also a must, and thankfully equipment is improving in order to make this a simpler task. Listing foreclosed houses can be a chore, but with attractive videos of the positive qualities, doing so can be easier.

Fred Light, a professional videographer, told the news source that people are also more forgiving of bad picture than poor audio. Therefore, scripts should be recorded after filming, so the best quality is captured.

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