Social media metrics: Learn if a strategy is working

Is the social media strategy working? This is a question many real estate professionals may ask themselves. Thankfully, metrics are the answer.

Is the social media strategy working? This is a question many real estate professionals may ask themselves. Thankfully, metrics are the answer.

Just having a social media marketing campaign doesn't mean it is working. Those in the industry may be faced with a tough challenge - advertising themselves and their product, all while providing value to a client and standing out from the crowd. Cost-effective tools like Facebook and Twitter can really work. Social media could be the ideal method to showcase intimate knowledge of foreclosed houses, mega-mansions or the industry as a whole. 

However, real estate agents should catch problems early on, so the proper steps can be taken to fix the strategy and get social media working again.

Keep an eye on Facebook metrics
Facebook is often the first social media site real estate agents turn to, and for good reason. It is fairly easy to use, and it is one of the most popular sites on the Internet. With that large of a reach, it could become a vital marketing tool for anyone.

According to Sue Koch, a contributor to Inman News, Facebook has many metrics for users to take advantage of - referred to as Facebook Insights. While the go-to tracking device on this site is the "like," there are plenty of other ways to tell if the strategy is working. For page administrators, there would be a tab near the top right titled, "View Insights." Clicking on this brings up some interesting data.

For example, Koch recommended checking out when fans are online. A breakdown is provided for each day, with the number of users displayed in a graphic. Understanding this could improve posting. An agent could target his or her investor following and only upload posts about foreclosed houses during the right time, and save other tips for another day.

Courthouse Retrieval System could provide real estate professionals with useful information for any marketing campaign. With a collection of mortgage records, property data and much more, accessing crucial information is simpler than ever.

Take advantage of Twitter
In addition to Facebook, Twitter is another valuable asset. This social media site is right up there in popularity, and it could be highly useful for real estate agents.

According to Rick Mulready in an article for, a clear objective can help measure a social media campaign. In order to gauge which ones are working, professionals should listen to the consumer.

When it comes to Twitter, Mulready recommended that the agent search his or her business name. After that, options come up to look at "top" tweets or "all" tweets with the name in them. These people talking about the company are the ones who need to be followed, if they aren't already. Then, the agent can track the pulse of the consumers and make appropriate changes.

Regardless of which social media strategy a real estate professional chooses, metrics can provide clues about its effectiveness. This is incredibly important - and a well-tuned campaign can be a serious boost for any business.

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