Stage a home so it can sell fast

There are many options to help a property stand out from the pack, from home staging to the Internet.

Great real estate agents wear many hats. They have to help both the buyers and sellers, make sure every legal document is in order and close the deal quickly. And, they also have to be a marketer. 

Marketing is crucial for selling a home. Some properties - like foreclosed houses - may need some extra attention, but even traditional homes need a little work. This is where real estate agents can get creative. There are many options to help a property stand out from the pack, from home staging to the Internet.

Get creative when it comes to marketing
Just because a home is in great shape, both inside and out, doesn't mean that it will sell. Real estate agents have their work cut out in today's housing market, and they should think outside the box when marketing properties. 

For example, a dedicated website could be the perfect tool for this segment, according to Brandon Turner in an article for The BiggerPockets Blog. Sellers want to feel like their agent works solely for them, and this strategy could achieve that. This site is separate from the agent's own page - it was created for one home only. However, the design needs to be high quality, and many Internet resources are available to make this easy. 

In addition, real estate agents should market houses on their own social media sites. Facebook can be a great tool, and it isn't just for connecting with high school classmates. Instead, agents can post listings, share with colleagues and spread the word about an interesting property.

Marketing can be made easier with great information. With Courthouse Retrieval System, real estate agents have access to mortgage records, warranty deeds and much more. This way, they'll always have an in-depth understanding about the housing market.

Home staging equals higher prices
In many cases, little separates one home for sale from the neighbor down the street. This is where home staging can come into play, and real estate agents should always recommend this step to their clients. A well-staged property can increase the final sale price, and keep a house from sitting on the market for an extended period of time.

According to Phoebe Chongchua in an article for, staging has changed how homes are sold.

"Staging is not decorating," home staging instructor Joanne O'Donnell told Chongchua. "Decorating is optional, staging is mandatory in order to sell the house for the most possible money in the shortest amount of time."

This process begins by looking over the house, inside and out. Real estate agents should walk through with the seller, and simple steps - like rearranging furniture - should be completed first. While keeping costs down is always a priority, staging should focus on removing clutter and making a house more appealing to a wider audience.

For example, agents can focus on hiding electrical cords and family photos. With an emphasis on open spaces, they could then clean the residence, paint rooms and place plants around the house. Simple home improvements are ideal, and the little things make a big difference when marketing real estate.

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