Real estate agents can capitalize on Pinterest, social media

Popular - albeit underused within the profession - sites like Pinterest and YouTube can be a major boost for any real estate agent.

When real estate agents often think of social media, the first two sites that come to mind are Facebook and Twitter. While these tools are fantastic for the industry as a whole, professionals shouldn't forget about the other players in the game.

For instance, popular - albeit underused within the profession - sites like Pinterest and YouTube can be a major boost for any real estate agent. In order show clients and colleagues a vast knowledge of property data and other information, professionals could build their brand by taking advantage of these social media sites.

Think outside Facebook and Twitter
Facebook and Twitter are two of the most popular websites at the moment. Even though there is a large base of followers, real estate agents might benefit from adding other sites to their social media strategy.

One of those could be YouTube, according to Andy Fulton in an article for Market Leader. This site doesn't get used as much by professionals because it is so different - instead of blog posts, users need to upload videos. However, there are simple solutions for agents to get started.

Once an account is created, the first videos could focus on listings, like foreclosed houses. Proper techniques can highlight the positive qualities of any home, and an intimate tour in this fashion can be a lot more good than some words and a few photos.

In addition, real estate agents can have a little fun with YouTube. Not every post needs to be so professional, instead, it could be an opportunity to showcase some personality and build a unique brand. A video could inject humor into the profession, for example, and tour the office of the agent. 

In order to manage every site, HootSuite could be a useful resource, Fulton explained. This site allows users to access multiple accounts from one source, without logging on many different times. That way, an agent can stay up-to-date with ease.

Courthouse Retrieval System provides highly-accurate online information, like real estate property records, warranty deeds and much more. With in-depth knowledge, real estate professionals could better serve their clients.

Don't forget about Pinterest
If real estate agents feel a time crunch when it comes to social media, they might want to prioritize Pinterest. While this may seem like a little-used site, it is in fact one of the most popular ones in the U.S., according to Marci James, a contributor to Inman News.

James noted that Pinterest is a great way to drive traffic. Essentially, the site is a way for users to "pin" content - like images and video - onto their "pinboard." Then, other people can check it out to see what is popular. For agents, they should share postings from their other sites frequently. Great ideas include home photos, neighborhood descriptions, and even unrelated content.

Better yet, each "pin" should include a URL, James explained. Then, users who come across the page will be tempted to follow the link back to the original site. With Pinterest, agents can spread the word about their services and possibly improve client interest.

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