Marketing tips to attract more buyers

In today's competitive industry, how can real estate agents attract more clients? The answer is with better marketing.

In today's competitive industry, how can real estate agents attract more clients? The answer is with better marketing.

Whether it is selling foreclosed houses or newly constructed homes, real estate agents should focus on a few tips and tricks to gain an advantage in the profession. Buyers could be anywhere, and the best marketing and advertising strategies find ways to gain attention even when an agent isn't trying.

Finding sellers, buyers go hand in hand
Real estate agents might be well-versed at attracting buyers, but perhaps finding sellers is a little bit more difficult - or vice versa. However, the strategies to gain both are fairly similar, according to Realtor Magazine. Therefore, agents could try some of the same tactics if one area of the business is suffering.

For example, open houses can be a great time to drum up some interest, the news source noted. Agents should get every visitor to sign the guest book, and take the time to talk to everyone. Prospective buyers could turn into that next selling client. Even better, real estate agents can work closely with fellow businesses to help employees move. A company might recommend the same professional each time a new staff member relocates to the area.

In addition, agents should make sure that their website is up-to-date. One crucial section is a buyer-oriented report, or something that provides value to prospective clients. 

Courthouse Retrieval System, with an expansive collection of property data and mortgage records, can assist any real estate professional with his or her business. Easy access to vital information can help agents work closely with their clients.

Think old school
Not every marketing technique needs to be high-tech and cutting edge. Instead, plenty of the older methods could have just as big of an impact. According to, even traditional tactics are thriving in today's digital age.

For example, real estate agents might want to network the old-fashioned way. They could get outside and start talking to people, especially outside of organized networking events. Everyone, from people met at sporting events to the supermarket, could turn into potential clients. 

Since agents spend so much time driving around, they might want to use their car as a space for cheap advertising, the news source noted. While not as glamorous as some options, bumper stickers, window lettering and decals can be a great way to spread the word about a business - without actually saying anything.

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