How to create a better real estate website

In order to make their jobs a little bit easier, real estate agents should focus on their websites.

The job of a real estate agent is never complete. The profession requires near around-the-clock effort, which means a professional is always on call, whether it is for marketing the brand or pitching potential clients.

In order to make this job a little bit easier, real estate agents should focus on their websites. These tools can be the perfect way to relieve a little stress while still working hard, and a well-designed site can be a great way to attract more clients - even during personal down-time.

Spruce up the website's home page
Few elements of a real estate website are as important as the home page. According to Realtor Magazine, the site should be working for the real estate agent, all day, every day. It must be able to provide valuable property data and other information for clients, as well as a comprehensive way to search listings and find exciting homes.

The best way to maximize a site's potential is with a search bar, the news source noted. This feature should be prominently displayed on the home page, in some place that is easy to find by users. It can even have a specific function, like a search for foreclosed houses or one for neighborhoods.

In addition, real estate agents may want to design the site with a simple, clear layout. The easier it is for users to access valuable information, the better. One major faux pas is the automatic play function, which starts up music, video or recordings as soon as the page loads. These can drive people away quickly, the opposite of the desired effect.

Overall, real estate agents should provide the best content for their sites. Courthouse Retrieval System can help, with an expansive collection of mortgage records, warranty deeds and other useful information. A real estate professional could use this knowledge to better serve his or her clients.

Ideal content for a real estate website
Real estate agents have plenty of exciting things to write about, even if they don't believe it. Online marketer John Doherty explained in an article for the Content Marketing Institute that some people consider houses boring, but there are plenty of great content ideas to spruce up a website.

For example, Doherty recommended that agents share their knowledge. One way to do this is by writing articles geared toward other Realtors. While the final goal is always more clients, content with a focus on fellow colleagues is a great way to demonstrate in-depth understanding about the industry. Other agents might recommend clients, or be willing to work together in the future.

In addition, real estate agents may want to focus on a specific market, like luxury homes. They can write about high-end listings and share via travel sites or celebrity home sites, according to Doherty. The more a personal site is linked to other locations, the better. A professional can utilize social media to promote their content, and share with others in the industry as well as potential clients.

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