Tips to be a great real estate investor

Investing can be complicated, but there are always plenty of deals and strategies to get the most bang for one's buck.

Nearly all real estate investors have to conquer their fears of taking that first step. For most, that means closing on an initial property - the one that may have a person nervous and worried.

Instead of letting these problems win out, a motivated professional can pay close attention to a few tips and tricks in order to get ahead in the business. Investing can be complicated, but there are always plenty of deals and strategies to get the most bang for one's buck.

It all starts with the price
In order to succeed as a real estate investor, the property has to be bought at the right price, according to Bigger Pockets. This means homes have to be relatively cheap, like foreclosed houses or other distressed properties. 

Not all investment purchases have to be of this type, however. Bigger Pockets explained that a professional just has to buy smart. Overpaying for any house is a bad idea, especially when the goal is to sell it again quickly for a profit. To pull all this together, it helps to build a list of criteria.

For starters, investors should look at the town and neighborhood. Location is a big determining factor of price, so frugal shoppers must keep this in mind. This also deals with preference. Naturally, a professional may want to buy close to their own home, or in an area that is currently experiencing growth in the sector. The same goes for the goal of the property. Is it meant to be quickly sold again? Or is it designed to be rented out? This decision will change how a person shops for real estate, and it could also affect price. 

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Be smart with the renovations
Once a property is purchased an investor is faced with another tough decision - how much to put into home improvements. Intelligent upgrades can drastically increase the resale value, but going overboard could result in wasted money. 

According to CNN Money, repairs get the best return on investment. Attractive new features like a hot tub or a built-in entertainment center are nice, but most buyers care more about maintenance. Even worse, hiding problems can lead to major headaches when it comes time to sell. So, instead of ignoring serious flaws, a real estate investor should focus key components, like the roof, foundation, insulation and heating, ventilation and air conditioning. 

In addition, energy-efficiency is popular at the moment, the news source noted. This could include new appliances, added insulation and anything else that keeps utility bills down. In order to save money, investors should consider upgrading features that already acquire maintenance. Say, for example, the furnace is going. Instead of fixing it, it may be a smart decision to replace it with an eco-friendly variety. 

All real estate professionals should be careful entering the market. Success and growth will be easier to achieve as long as intelligent financial choices are made.

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