How to become a fantastic real estate marketer

Real estate agents should consider a few new, interesting takes on marketing within this industry.

The goal of any real estate agent is to market, whether it is a property, like foreclosed houses, themselves or their clients. However, not enough professionals take the time to improve this specific aspect of their repertoire, which could be leaving a lot of potential business on the table.

In order to fix this, all agents should reevaluate their marketing strategies. From property advertisements to business cards and websites, there are plenty of creative methods one could take, assuming they are brave enough.

And they should be. While it is understandable that real estate agents like sticking to a script, that can be quite boring and do just as much harm as good. Instead, they should consider a few new, interesting takes on marketing within this industry.

Spruce up the advertisements
Being specific is a virtue in real estate, according to copywriter Marte Cliff, a contributor to ActiveRain. However, today's advertisements are bland, boring and generic. These aren't positive qualities, and they will often leave readers searching for the next listing instead of hanging around.

This should be changed, Cliff explained. For example, agents should say what their positives are, instead of simply alluding to them. If all inquiries will be promptly replied to, that should be part of the advertisement. All of those unique features that set one professional apart from another should be spelled out, so potential clients don't have to guess about what makes one person so excellent. 

Cliff recommended reading everything once it has been written. A real estate agent should scan over the property description, listing and everything else to make sure it looks great. Most importantly, it has to paint a vivid picture. Generalizations won't work in the industry, and the more specific the better.

Courthouse Retrieval System offers an expansive collection of valuable information for all real estate professionals. From mortgage records to property data and much more, this knowledge will be the perfect asset for any marketing strategy.

Don't be afraid to get creative
Some real estate agents may be afraid of turning away potential clients with unique, creative marketing strategies, according to Shannon O'Brien in an article for This could mean some stick to common tricks when advertising, but they might be missing out on a lot of opportunities. 

Therefore, they should be bold, O'Brien explained. A real estate agent can go above and beyond the call of duty, providing additional resources, more value and everything a client could ever want. A professional has to be an expert on their subject matter, so they can answer any question thrown their way. 

In addition, an agent should identify one thing the excel at that others don't, and market that skill. O'Brien noted that this can be a good way to stand apart from the crowd even if a person doesn't feel that they are special. It all comes down to being unique and creative, all of which helps professionals better connect to past, present and future clients.

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