Why niche markets matter to real estate agents

The goal of any professional is to become more profitable, and having a niche could be the perfect way to achieve just that.

What exactly is a niche market? While it can be considered a small part of real estate, like investors interested in foreclosed houses, it is essentially any segment that is specialized and profitable.

Therefore, it is worth it for real estate agents to pursue their own niche. The goal of any professional is to become more profitable, and this avenue could be the perfect way to achieve just that. However, simply having a niche isn't the key to real estate success. On the contrary, it will take this aspect and several others in order to grow and prosper.

The real meaning of a niche market
There are more nuances to the word "niche" than a real estate agent may believe. For some, it means a geographic location, such as a specific neighborhood. This isn't exactly the case, according to Christina Etheridge, founder of LeadsAndLeverage.com, in an article for Inman News. 

A niche really means a section of the market where a professional can make a profit, Etheridge explained. That includes first-time homebuyers, senior buyers, vacation-home sellers and real estate investors. The more specific, the better. That way, the agent can be considered an expert in his or her field, marketing will become more targeted - and more effective - and lead generation will bring more quality prospects. 

The best part of a niche is that it can be chosen by the real estate agent. Etheridge noted that it can be tailored to a person's idea of a dream business. Then, they can improve their blogging, marketing and social media strategies because they'll have a clear focus, goal and direction. A narrow niche will expand a business and ideally bring in more customers. If someone comes along who doesn't fit that segment, they can be referred to other professionals and those relationships will be bolstered. A niche makes business growth easier.

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A niche can improve marketing
Real estate marketing can be a tricky proposition. There are a number of potential targets, a lot of options and plenty of hard work. And, it doesn't come easy. However, it will be a simpler task with a niche, and that clear focus can lead the way for a real estate agent.

Shannon O'Brien, in an article for RealEstate.com, wrote that a niche can help define a brand and make the entire marketing process easier. Take that foreclosed houses and investor example - with a niche like that the target audience is obvious. That means the professional will stand out from the crowd, and they won't appear to be that run-of-the-mill agent who tries to appeal to everyone. Instead, they are a distressed property expert, or someone is extremely qualified in that particular segment. 

In order to find a niche, a real estate agent has to analyze the market, according to O'Brien. Who isn't currently being served? This could be the niche that requires a new professional. The process can be made easier if the professional is passionate about a specific sector, and actually wants to work with those people for an extended period of time. Then, they'll be able to develop a sound marketing strategy. An agent's current website has to be redesigned, with improved keywords and content that reflect the new niche. After, marketing materials can be created and the campaign can get even more focused on the target audience. This way, it will be a simple task for a real estate agent to improve marketing and succeed within the industry. 

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