Understanding social media and steps to get better

Social media can be a fantastic tool for all professionals, especially real estate agents.

Social media can be a fantastic tool for all professionals, especially real estate agents. 

These websites are the perfect places to connect with friends, family and clients - both past, present and future. Social media is simple to use, and it doesn't require a large financial commitment to jump on board. On the contrary, these affordable strategies can be the most cost-effective marketing tactics out there, and they shouldn't be forgotten under the list of other daily tasks.

In order to get started, real estate agents should remember a few key things about social media. While Facebook and Twitter are the top dogs, there are a number of other sites and resources available to easily reach clients and expand a business.

Don't forget about the other guys
Nearly everyone has a Facebook and a Twitter account, and these sites shouldn't be ignored when it comes to real estate marketing. However, they aren't the only players on the field, and many other sites can provide fantastic value to those who decide to use them.

For instance, LinkedIn can be great for real estate agents, according to Business 2 Community. In addition to a personal page, a professional can create one specifically for his or her business. This includes a great summary, concise descriptions and why a client should choose this firm. That could be because of a niche, like an in-depth knowledge of foreclosed houses, or because of other valuable services. LinkedIn is an awesome way to stay connected and ask for referrals.

YouTube is similarly useful, Business 2 Community explained. Videos can be a fun, exciting way to appeal to clients, and they can be used to showcase listings or the real estate agent's personal side. A showing in person can translate really well to video, and that allows more people to tune in and see what the buzz is all about. Even better, agents can ask viewers to submit their own videos to increase communication and interaction.

Courthouse Retrieval System can provide valuable services to every real estate professional. With an expansive collection of mortgage records, property data and much more, populating social media with fantastic content will be a simple task.

Use social media to forge relationships
The best users of social media have close relationships with others online, even if they've never met them in person. This is exactly what a real estate agent needs to do in order to succeed. Communicating with clients in a clear, concise manner is the first step toward becoming fantastic at social media.

Ashlie Mauldin, office manager at Katie Wagner Social Media, wrote in a blog post that real estate agents have to build relationships with potential clients. Selling a home is a complicated process that is drawn out over a long period of time, and it is easier with trust. Even so, the buyer wants something they'll love, and a great agent can appeal to those desires. Proving that is possible starts with social media.

To begin forging relationships, professionals have to post daily, according to Mauldin. Content can range from industry news to homebuying tips. Afterward, agents have to hang around to have conversations. Interaction is the name of the game with social media, and users who won't respond to comments or tweet back won't have as many positive benefits. 

In addition to clients, social media is a great way to talk with colleagues and others within the industry. Business connections can lead to referrals. These experts should deal with the same target audience but provide different services, like a home appraisal or residential financing. That can lead to a rapidly expanding client base.

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