Simple solutions for great communication

As the new year gets underway, now is the perfect time to make some changes and fix the communication aspect of the business.

Communication is a crucial element for any business, especially real estate. Therefore, it would make sense that every professional is extremely adept at this skill. However, in many cases, they aren't at all.

For obvious reasons, this isn't ideal. Many real estate agents are lacking this crucial trait, and that could lead to problems both retaining clients and earning new ones. Due to the large amount of communication options - from social media to email and the telephone - communication should be a simple task, but it actually isn't. As the new year gets underway, now is the perfect time to make some changes and fix this aspect of the business.

Communication is a two-way street
In order to become a great communicator, real estate agents have to be fantastic listeners first. The client will say a lot, whether directly or indirectly, and picking up on those cues will help make the entire process easier.

Stacia Whatley, managing broker at Washington-based Hawkins-Poe Inc., wrote in a blog post for Inman News that the first step is to pay attention to how the client originally made contact. For example, if a person takes the time to make a phone call inquiring about listings, then leaves a two-minute long voicemail, the proper response is not a text message. On the contrary, a phone call deserves a call back, and a comment on a Facebook wall can be responded to right on the social media site. This shows proper awareness and respect, and it can be viewed as insulting if a person doesn't take the appropriate amount of time communicating. 

In addition, real estate agents should be adept in all of the different forms of communication, Whatley explained. There are a number of unique ways a person can get in touch, and not understanding how each one works can lead to breakdowns. Common methods include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, email or phone call. Therefore, it is a must to be able to check each one of these locations every day, so nothing slips through the cracks.

Courthouse Retrieval System can help real estate professionals communicate effectively with all of their clients. With access to expansive resources of property data, real estate records and much more, expanding a business is a simpler goal.

Always find time to communicate
Time management is another crucial aspect of communication. Shannon O'Brien, a former Realtor, wrote in an article for Market Leader that prioritizing tasks and planning ahead can be a key to success

For instance, a real estate agent may want to call clients at a specific time each week. That way, they'll expect the check-in and save questions for this time. Otherwise, they may be constantly calling or emailing throughout the week. If finding time for each person is challenging, perhaps added help is needed. An assistant can make the process easier, and free up additional time for other duties.

Most importantly, the content makes a difference, O'Brien explained. Real estate agents should improve what they communicate to clients. This can include listing information, such as data about foreclosed houses, updates, local news or questions and concerns. With this completed, they'll feel more involved in the process.

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