How to best use Twitter for real estate

Social media can be one of the most valuable tools for any professional, certainly one who works in real estate.

Social media can be one of the most valuable tools for any professional, certainly one who works in real estate.

And when it comes to these websites, few are as useful as Twitter. It is important for anyone looking to break into this scene to identify which platforms are best for them, due to the large amount that are out there. Twitter can be exactly that, because it is fantastic at driving up website traffic, reaching new clients and connecting with past and present ones.

Therefore, real estate professionals may want to make note of a few key tips and tricks for how to best take advantage of Twitter and build a quality social media audience.

Listen and engage fellow Twitter users
Few marketing strategies require active engagement as much as social media does. Twitter is a site that is at its best when users are talking to one another, responding to questions, concerns and other tweets in a timely manner. Ian Watson, principal of Agent Media, wrote in an article for Nimble that listening and engaging are several keys to success. Without these interactions, a real estate professional may not be able to make good use of their time online.

It is also important to remember what to tweet - and what not to tweet. For starters, it can be wise to retweet followers' content a few times per day. This can show that the user is actively listening to what is going on, and that will help build relationships. Then, tweets can cover property listings, like foreclosed houses, prices, market news, or helpful tips and tricks. However, tweets can't be about frustrations, anger, each individual listing or other negative news. It is also helpful to use Twitter to promote other websites or social media sites. A link to a blog can be sent out to every follower, and images can be shared of behind-the-scenes aspects of the job or office. 

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Build an online community
One of the beautiful aspects of social media is its ability to create a community of "insiders." According to Mashable, users who follow someone on Twitter will expect to be kept up-to-date with current events, provided special offers and discounts or otherwise feel unique. This is especially useful for real estate professionals, who can breed client loyalty and other positive elements simply by staying engaged on social media. 

In order to do that, everyone has to be responded to, except those tweeting hateful or bigoted remarks. There always has to be time for the customer, even if their feedback is negative. That extra effort will show that a professional cares about what is going on, which will lead to positive public relations. People who take the time to send out a tweet or direct message typically care more, so it is worthwhile to respond in a similar fashion.

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