Why real estate agents should care about cybersecurity

The more a person spends their life connected to social media, Internet resources and online banking, the more they should pay attention to cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity may seem like a priority for many different industries, but why should real estate professionals care? For one, everyone relies on technology nowadays, and that means increased risk. The more a person spends their life connected to social media, Internet resources and online banking, the more they should pay attention to these types of threats.

That includes real estate agents. Dangerous software, hackers and other malicious activity can target anything, from Facebook to a smartphone. That means protection is critical, especially as the industry as a whole heads in a more tech-savvy direction.

Where are the risks coming from?
Today, the Internet is connected to everything. A person uses computers and related technology to do nearly everything, including communication, entertainment, transportation, health care and so on. With that level of dependence, cybersecurity is a must.

According to the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team, risks could range from viruses deleting an entire system, someone changing personal information, or stealing information to make unauthorized purchases. These hazards can come from a hacker, attacker or intruder. These are people searching for weak points in software, looking for a place to exploit it. To achieve their goals, the can create malicious code, or malware. This might infect a computer via an email attachment or simply visiting a certain webpage. The best way to stay protected is to be smart and keep all software up-to-date.

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How to keep Facebook safe
While it may be obvious that personal and professional banking information needs to be protected, another area is just as vulnerable - social media. For real estate agents, keeping Facebook secure should be top priority.

According to Sue Koch, contributor to Inman News, busy real estate professionals should make sure that this social media site is safe and secure whether they are on-the-go or at the office. For starters, under the "Account Settings" tab in the upper-right corner is a "Security" tab. Once there, an option appears for "Active Sessions." This will tell the user all of the recent activity under that account, which can provide clear insight into who has been using the social media site. If everything looks normal, odds are there isn't a problem. However, an unknown post or bizarre comments could be the sign of an intruder. If that's the case, changing the password is a safe choice.

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