Real estate agents can utilize mobile marketing

Here are a few tips and tricks for any real estate agent who wants to upgrade their mobile marketing strategy.

Mobile marketing and the real estate industry go hand in hand. Nearly every professional has some sort of technological device nearby, such as a tablet or a smartphone. Better yet, these tools simplify the day-to-day life, making it easier to check listings, reach clients and work efficiently. 

Therefore, these positive benefits shouldn't be ignored when it comes to mobile marketing. Consumers have a desire for the most up-to-date information, such as listings of foreclosed houses or home design tips. And, technology can give it to them. Since this aspect is only getting more prominent across the industry, here are a few tips and tricks for any real estate agent who wants to upgrade their mobile marketing strategy.

How mobile marketing works for agents, consumers
Mobile marketing is so effective for real estate because it can be exactly what the consumers want - and need. Jon-Mikel Bailey, of the mobile design and development firm Wood Street, wrote in an article for Business2Community that this key element can be there during the research phase of the homebuying process. 

For example, mobile and print marketing should be closely linked. QR Codes - the readable label that a smartphone can scan - could be included on flyers or postcards. Consumers can also be pointed in the direction of landing pages, blogs, websites and other Internet resources. When first starting out on the home hunt, buyers are always on their devices. So, real estate agents should be as well, in order to reach the widest possible audience.

In addition to print marketing, mobility can also play a role during the decision phase, Bailey explained. Buyers often look at listings - photos and descriptions - multiple times before they settle on a home. Therefore, savvy real estate agents have their contact information right nearby, so any choices can be completed with a phone call. More information can be shared via mobile devices during this time, too, such as emails and social media. This way, a professional will never be too far away from their clients.

Courthouse Retrieval System can be a fantastic ally for real estate professionals everywhere. By providing access to a wide range of information, such as mortgage records and property data, agents no longer have to spend time at the local courthouse to best help their clients.

Tips to create a great mobile marketing strategy
Thankfully, when it comes to mobile marketing there are plenty of effective strategies to get started. Real estate agents may want to consider of few of these, in order to make the most of these quality tools.

Marci James, director of marketing at Obeo, wrote in an article for Inman News that real estate professionals should create a Yelp account. Businesses should be on this site, and consumers often come here first when searching for someone to work with. Positive reviews can show up quickly on web searches. Any past clients that are Yelp users should be encouraged to write a review. 

In addition to this site, agents should also consider social media, like Facebook, SuperPages, Bing and MapQuest to create custom business listings. This way, whenever potential clients search the Internet, these sites will send them in the right direction.

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