Home appraisal experts can find value in social media

A number of professionals can find a lot of value in social media, from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and Pinterest, including a home appraisal expert.

Social media isn't just for connecting with old friends and sharing funny photos. In fact, a number of professionals can find a lot of value in these tools, from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and Pinterest, including a home appraisal expert. 

The beauty of social media is its versatility, and that there is an audience out for anyone who goes looking. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind a few key strategies for any budding businessperson who wants to use these resources to his or her advantage. To get started, here are few tips, tricks and bits of personal advice to figure out how these sites work for real estate appraisers.

Use social media to connect with clients
There are plenty of useful ways to go about social media, and there are also a number of different sites depending on who the target audience is. Ryan Lundquist, a Sacramento, Calif. home appraisal expert, explained how he uses social media to Blake Ellington, of Ellington Marketing Solutions.

For starters, Lundquist noted that he began using social media because of several big industry changes. As traditional methods of gaining clients shifted, it became necessary to find alternative means to reach people and promote a company. This is where sites like Facebook and Twitter come into play - they are fantastic ways to diversify the business and expand into new segments. Most importantly, these tools are great methods to be proactive about work, instead of sitting back and seeing where things go. Taking marketing to the potential clients will result in more leads, which in turn creates a boost in the business as a whole.

In addition, Lundquist stressed that Facebook has been most beneficial to his profession as a real estate appraiser. This is a key site for connecting with clients, but it also works well to stay in touch with other colleagues. For example, liking a real estate agent's post or adding a comment can inspire discussion, and that in turn could result in a referral.

Social media won't be complete without the best information. Courthouse Retrieval System can provide that, with easy access to an expansive database of mortgage records, warranty deeds and much more.

Be consistent, focused on social media
While it is easy to log online and join any number of social media sites, this doesn't mean a home appraisal expert is using them appropriately. Thankfully, there are plenty of tips to solve this problem.

According to Small Business Trends, it helps to be consistent on social media. This means posting on a regular schedule and always keeping in touch with followers and friends. Overall, remember to engage other users and provide value in the best possible fashion. This can be easily achieved by sticking with focused content. A home appraiser understands real estate, and in most cases their clients don't have the same depth of knowledge. Therefore, it can be helpful to demonstrate what sets a professional apart from the crowd, and shed a little light on the behind-the-scenes aspects of the job. 

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