Video listings can help real estate agents sell

Not every real estate agent uses videos to sell houses, but a shift in that regard could be on the horizon.

Not every real estate agent uses videos to sell houses, but a shift in that regard could be on the horizon. This tactic can be wildly successful if done properly, and there is nothing like a short clip of a property to boost traffic to an online listing.

Better yet, video listings can be short, sweet and affordable - and they allow professionals to offer additional value to their clients. Buyers love them, and with the prominence of the Internet and mobile devices to browse for real estate, a strategy such as this can be the perfect complement to any agent's current business plan.

Take advantage of YouTube
When it comes to online videos, no site is as dominant as YouTube. Therefore, real estate agents who create their own content should post on here in order to reach the widest range of people.

This tactic worked great for two clients who worked with real estate agent Ben Salem in Sherman Oaks, Calif., according to Reuters. Salem suggested a number of traditional methods to market a home, but he added in one more -  a video listing. Then, they made a 100-second clip with still shots backed by music, and realized that the effort had worked. As a result, more people visited the listing and the home sold for $25,000 above the asking price. 

"More than 80 percent of all buyers now find their home online, so when you have a YouTube video that comes up on, that's huge," Salem told the media outlet. "The best part is that you're one click away from showing it to the whole world."

However, Salem did recommend bringing in a professional videographer to complete the project, Reuters reported. This may cost several hundred dollars, but the initial investment could be well worth the price. Real estate agents can tackle this on their own, but they run the risk of having the finished product come out in a poor quality. 

Either way, professionals need the best information in order to succeed. Courthouse Retrieval System can provide that, with comprehensive access to mortgage records, property data and much more.

Plan ahead for a great video
Videos may be the next big thing for real estate. They provide an immense value to clients, are relatively easy to make and can offer a great return on investment. With that said, it is worth planning ahead to make the best possible video.

Kathryn Royster, communications coordinator for VideoLens and contributor to Inman News, wrote that the first step is to choose the type of video. There are several different ones out there, from a walk-through tour to mini-movies or comedy shorts. The right choice can depend on the target audience. A simple tour is often the most effective and the safest bet, because it brings potential buyers into the home from their living rooms, provides a clear feel for the property and appears to be cutting-edge. While a video is an added expense, it is often one that works out great in the end.

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