Real estate marketing requires a personal touch

Instead of getting too involved in other methods, real estate agents should take the time to find themselves when it comes to marketing.

Throughout the years, real estate agents spend time, money and other resources finding and implementing an ideal marketing strategy. This could include any number of things, from emails and postcards to social media, but the truth of the matter is that the best method often involves simply being themselves.

What this means is that the ideal marketing tactic is to be friendly and personable, instead of chasing down technology and other bits of advice that may not work out in the end. Most importantly, there is no magic solution that will bring in new clients and make everything a piece of cake. Instead of getting too involved in these other methods, real estate agents should take the time to find themselves when it comes to marketing. 

Connect business and personal life
So, when first getting started, real estate agents should figure out their own voice and make sure that all of their marketing reflects positively back on them as a person. This will help sift through all of the applications and other pieces of technology out there, and ensure that there is a strong base to build off of in the first place.

Jared James, CEO and founder of Jared James Enterprises, wrote in an article for Realtor Magazine that there are a number of misconceptions related to real estate marketing, and they tend to take away from the personal feel that is usually most successful. For instance, most business is earned through referrals, although professionals tend to spend time focusing on other areas of the industry. While all aspects of marketing can be beneficial, if a real estate agent doesn't want to spend hours on Twitter or days crafting a blog, they don't have to.

In addition, James recommended that real estate agents bring a personal touch to marketing. This will help better connect with clients, and there isn't much of a reason to keep the business and home life separate in this regard. Professionals can show who they really are, build more meaningful relationships and inject a little personality into the strategy.

Above all else, acquiring information is crucial for a good marketing campaign. Courthouse Retrieval System can provide that, with access to mortgage records, property data and much more. This removes the need for a trip to the local courthouse, and allows more time to be spent working with clients.

The agent is the business
Real estate is a unique industry for several reasons. When it comes to marketing, agents have an opportunity to really excel if they view themselves as a business, even if they are part of a larger team. 

According to, this mindset will help real estate agents set themselves apart from a crowd. There are thousands of professionals across the country, and it takes a little something special to stand out and demonstrate value to potential clients. This focus can change the marketing strategy and open up new opportunities at every corner. For example, agents should place an emphasis on niche marketing, such as targeting real estate investors interested in foreclosed houses. Those who put in the time to become a specialist in a unique field may be able to open themselves up to a large collection of possible clients.

Moreover, real estate agents should make sure to be on the cutting edge of industry innovation. While best practices should always be adhered to, there are always new and emerging trends that could be the perfect complement to a current marketing strategy. Social media could be one, for instance, and the present direction of the business shouldn't be tied down because of industry expectations. Instead, real estate agents must market themselves to appeal to more clients.

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