4 tips to reach clients using social media

Here are four tips to grow a real estate company using social media.

The fact of the matter is that the real estate industry is changing. This happens almost on a daily basis, thanks to an influx of new technology, tools and resources that are readily available to the professionals who want them. In few places is this as prominent as with social media, where exciting trends afford users a wide range of opportunities.

As a result, social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn can be valuable assets to any real estate professional. They can be used to build up a business, reach potential clients and boost a marketing strategy.

With that in mind, here are four tips to grow a real estate company using social media:

1. Listen before talking
The best tip for social media use is to listen before talking, according to Dave Kerpen, CEO of Likeable Local, in a guest post for Realtor.com. Too many people use these sites as a pedestal to spout ideas and opinions, but for businesses it can be much more effective to simply learn what is going on with clients and the industry. For example, search for some important topics, such as foreclosed houses, and see what people are saying. This can shed a lot of light on the direction a marketing strategy needs to go.

2. Send out videos, images
The real estate industry is a very visual profession. Kerpen recommended that professionals on social media share videos and pictures as a way to communicate. These can be more effective than words, and they also provide quick bursts of value to users. Some potential ideas include photos and videos of listings, activities around town and pictures of happy customers, as long as they agree to be shared online.

To further bolster a social media strategy, real estate professionals should have access to the best available information. With Courthouse Retrieval System, this goal is easy to achieve thanks to a comprehensive database of mortgage records, warranty deeds and much more.

3. Build relationships online
According to SocialMediaToday, many people using social media make the common mistake of overselling while trying to promote a business. This often backfires, and most followers don't really care about the whole sales aspect on an around-the-clock basis. Instead, promote other people's content whenever possible, and most importantly engage in conversations with other users. Ideally, this will lead to more personal relationships on social media, which have a nice way of turning into additional clients. 

4. Don't slack on social media
A great social media strategy is one that is constantly being tweaked, worked on and upgraded. SocialMediaToday noted that a sound method to create interest in an account is to be online on a regular basis. Constantly respond to users in a quick and timely manner, and make sure to share personal anecdotes and other stories that could draw people in. There is always a right time to join in a conversation, and a professional often has a lot to provide in terms of value.

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