Homebuyer preferences shift this spring

Several home features have emerged as exceptionally popular from a recent survey of national homebuilders, including convenience, livability and energy-efficiency.

Over the past several years, the real estate segment has taken its fair share of bumps and bruises. However, recent economic data has indicated that conditions are improving, home prices are becoming more stable and buyers are flocking back to the market.

Overall, this is good news for the real estate professionals tasked with helping these clients find their dream homes. April is a new month, and with spring now in full bloom in most parts of the country, buyer and seller activity could be increasing quickly. In order to take advantage of a warmer housing market, real estate agents should pay attention to a few key home design trends that are now considered popular across the country. 

Convenience, energy-efficiency top list
The nation's homebuilders are on the front line of buyer demands and preferences, and few professionals understand the nuances of real estate better. Therefore, agents looking to best advise their clients may want to take note of the popular trends that are appearing across the country in new homes.

According to the National Association of Homebuilders, several features emerged as exceptionally popular from a recent survey of national builders. At the top of the list are convenience, livability and energy-efficiency.

"Newly constructed homes can suit the specific requirements of today's home buyers," said Kevin Kelly, chairman of the NAHB and a Delaware-based homebuilder and developer. "And now is a great time to consider buying a new home, as consumers can take advantage of competitive home prices and low interest rates to find the perfect new home for their families."

Several other real estate features were listed as popular based on the NAHB survey. These included a walk-in closet located in the master bedroom, energy-efficient windows, a laundry room and a great room. The concept of saving money and the environment are popular among today's homebuyers. Not only do these additions make living more comfortable, but it can also reduce monthly utility expenses.

Real estate agents working with buyers and sellers can advise their clients on today's popular home trends. Doing so could help the process go smoothly. In addition to this crucial step, professionals should also be interested in the best available housing market news and insights. With Courthouse Retrieval System, access to this information is incredibly easy, thanks to a comprehensive database of mortgage records, warranty deeds and much more.

Ideal features can help sales
Today's real estate market requires some finesse and a little bit of expertise in order to prosper. This is incredibly important for agents and other professionals, and clients are always interested in the next big thing in regard to homeownership.

According to Bankrate.com, one of the most popular areas in a house is the kitchen. Buyers today are interested in solid surface counters, high-quality floors and new appliances. An added bonus is an open floor plan, and many people want a house that flows from one room to the next with minimal walls getting in the way. Making upgrades such as these can help the property sell faster, although it may not fetch a higher asking price.

Moreover, one of the other most-used - and therefore popular - rooms in a house is the bathroom. Bankrate.com explained that new, modern spaces are now in. A number of buyers want to see a master bath that offers some additional space, including a big spa or a whirlpool tub. This is one of the best places in a house to advise clients on where to spend. Nearly all financial investments here are recouped come selling time, and buyers will often show greater interest in a property if the kitchen and the bath are fantastic.

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