How to promote a real estate video online

The world of real estate marketing can be complicated at times. Professionals have their pick of a number of different strategies to get noticed, from the newsletter to social media. One of the most useful methods in today's fast-paced, Internet-driven society is the real estate video, however, and the trick to getting the most out of this type of media is to take advantage of online resources.

While filming the best possible video is the first step toward success, finding creative ways to get it noticed on the Internet is equally as important. Without a strong viewership, all that great content will go unwatched - resulting in no positive benefit for the real estate agent involved. Therefore, picking the ideal topics to discuss and getting the videos hosted on the right social media sites will be a fantastic way to start building a following and increasing sales.

In order to achieve that goal, here are a few simple tips and tricks to reach peak exposure on all real estate videos:

Focus on community information
While a real estate video can span a wide range of topics - from home tours to personal biographies and everything in between - many potential clients today want something specific: information about the community. So, creating a new video centered around the town, city and neighborhood can be a great first step toward increasing awareness.

Stephen Schweickart, a contributor to Inman News, wrote that creating this type of content is a strategy to cast a wide net for homebuyers. This is because clients need to figure out where they want to live before they can pick the perfect property, and a video on the community can answer that question. After these short films are created, real estate agents can then focus on listing videos. 

In order to get them noticed, Schweickart recommended using YouTube. Naturally, this incredibly popular video-hosting website is a perfect place for real estate agents as well. Upload the clip with a strong description full of keywords that cover the neighborhood, then share the link on other social media sites. Ideally, this effort will garner a significant amount of attention.

Building an effective real estate video also requires an in-depth understanding of the housing market. With CRS Data's comprehensive suites and solutions, accessing a wide range of mortgage records, property data and much more has never been easier. 

Work with invested professionals
When it comes time to film a real estate video, the agent can choose to tackle the challenge all alone - or they can team up with some quality professionals.

Tracey Velt, in an article for Real Trends, wrote that finding local talent to help out can be a way to bring in motivated, yet affordable, people to create engaging content. For example, college students can be driven to try their hardest, and they'll often be willing to work for a low price. Real estate agents may want to post an ad online to find interested parties, and then get started creating interesting community videos for potential clients.

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