Teach Your Members How to Use Public Records to Stay in Touch with Clients

  We recently talked about how real estate agents can use public records for prospecting. While your public records solution is a powerful tool for accomplishing this, did you know that agents can also stay connected with past clients, thanks to public records? As the MLS, you are in a unique p... [More]

5 Ways You Can Sell More Using Public Records

By RE Technology Staff Published: 04/11/2017 Everyone knows that public records are integral to closing a property sale, but have you really thought about how to use them to improve the price of a sale or to help you reach, or even exceed, your sales goals? Public records, more than ever due to eas... [More]

The Transparency of Public Records

The Transparency of Public Records by: CRS Data   One of the most difficult aspects of commercial and residential lending is parsing the data needed to make the most informed business decisions. Even when this data is a matter of public record, obtaining - and comprehending - the data you... [More]

Spring Into HELOC Growth

Spring has sprung, which means more people will be starting home repairs, home upgrades, lawn enhancements and preparing their gardens. All this curb appeal cost money, and one way home owners pay for these improvements is with a home equity line of credit (HELOC). HELOCs are designed to help homeow... [More]

The Planet Fitness Approach to Community Banking

Recently, an acquaintance told me that he and his significant other had joined Planet Fitness. There is a Planet Fitness near my home, and I had seen their television commercials, but had never visited their location. Curious, I asked him questions about it. Here are a few highlights that piqued my ... [More]

Announcing CRS Data’s 2016 MLS Conference Visits

We are taking our CRS Data MLS Tax Suite on the road and looking forward to visiting with our customers and friends all over the nation this year. We have a jam-packed tradeshow schedule and can’t wait to connect with you to share our newest tools, features and service assets. From streamlined... [More]

Learn About the CRS Data Banker Suite at Conferences Across Southeast

In 2016, our CRS Data Customer Solutions Team has a packed schedule, traveling all over the Southeast to share the benefits and advantages of our CRS Data Banker Suite.
In 2016, our CRS Data Customer Solutions Team has a packed schedule, traveling all over the Southeast to share the benefits and advantages of our CRS Data Banker Suite. [More]

5 Tools You May Not Be Using From Your Public Records Product

If you have access to a property records product, whether through an MLS member benefit or by purchasing it, chances are you might be overlooking some key tools that are right at your fingertips. It’s easy to get in the middle of churning out basic property reports and forget that prospecting,... [More]

CRS Data Introduces New MLS Tax Suite

We could not be more excited to introduce our promo video for our new MLS Tax Suite. We had a blast partnering with our friends at PopFizz to create this quick, fun glimpse at our newest tools and the innovative ways we’re delivering public records information. Watch our new video by clicking on the... [More]

Announcing our 2015 Real Estate Tradeshow Schedule

Our CRS Data team has been perfecting our tradeshow travel plans for the year and we’re very pleased to have a long list in front of us. This is an exciting year since we’ll be traveling throughout the U.S. to share our new CRS Data MLS Tax Suite, complete with updated mapping capabiliti... [More]