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Creating Value from your Property Tech Tools

CRS Data’s MLS Tax Suite provides some very resourceful and valuable property tech tools. These tools are meant to empower your membership to succeed in the market by providing reliable property data through an easy-to-navigate platform. Let’s talk about the benefits these tools can have for your business, as well as how they can be used by both listing agents and buyer’s agents.

In this article, Sara Cooper, Executive Vice President, Real Estate Market at CRS Data, highlights two tools: Property Reports and Comparables. She shares insight on how to take advantage of these easy-to-use tools as well as how to incorporate them into the buying and selling process. 

Property Reports

How Can CRS Data’s Property Reports Benefit My Business? 

“Property Reports allow agents to view and share with their client all information for a selected property in one simple, concise report,” said Cooper. Better yet, this information provided by CRS Data’s MLS Tax Suite includes more than just the required MLS listing data—it also includes public record info like sales, mortgage and tax amount history as well as assessments, school zones, parcel boundary maps, flood zones and more.

How Do CRS Data’s Property Reports Benefit Listing Agents?

When it comes to selling properties, Property Reports enable listing agents to search an existing property and verify the accuracy of the information the homeowner is sharing before entering that listing in the MLS. “CRS Data records are consistently being updated, and often there has been a change that the homeowner may not be aware of,” explained Cooper.

Within the Property Report of CRS Data’s MLS Tax Suite, there is a section called Facts & Figures. Here, you can find a variety of information that provides helpful insights into the area market dynamics. From sales trends and sales details reports to demographics and area school reports, this data can be used to provide helpful contextual insights to clients looking for more community-specific details. “When an agent can provide specific information about the area market as a whole,” Cooper noted, “they are better equipped to instill confidence and build trusting relationships with their clients.”

How Do CRS Data’s Property Reports Benefit Buyer’s Agents?

Property Reports allow buyer’s agents to easily evaluate a variety of properties and their characteristics and then focus on the ones that are truly relevant to their client’s desires and needs. After the initial meeting with the buyer, the agent has the ability to filter the property data and narrow in on specific characteristics that the buyer is looking for. Since MLS Tax Suite provides all publicly recorded transactions, not just transactions within an MLS, the agent can share a holistic scenario.

“The Property Reports are also easy to customize,” added Cooper. “This is important because it enables agents to display and showcase the specific property characteristics that are most important to their buyers. It’s a great way for an agent to really shine during the buying and selling process.”


How Can CRS Data’s Comparables Benefit My Business? 

Comparables are another indispensable tool for both listing and buyer’s agents. With CRS Data, agents can see both MLS and off-market transactions, giving them the full picture of the market and allowing them to provide a higher level of service to their clients. Comparables are an immense asset to the home sales process. “Because CRS Data has access to all county tax assessor’s public records—not just MLS records—this tool brings unique and robust value that cannot be realized using MLS records alone,” Cooper stated.

How Do CRS Data’s Comparables Benefit Buyer’s Agents?

When determining a market value for a given property, buyer’s agents can use this tool to compare sales for similar properties in the same area. Based on the data available, agents can obtain up to four estimated market prices for the property in question—and better yet, they can see straightforward explanations that describe how that AVM is calculated.

How Do CRS Data’s Comparables Benefit Listing Agents?

Similarly, listing agents can use the Comparables tool to help inform an appropriate sell price and selling strategy for a given property. “Comparables provide a quick and easy way to conduct targeted market research and then present those findings to a client in an aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-digest report,” said Cooper. “To help inform those reports, agents can add recent property improvements and other homeowner data to obtain the most accurate estimated property value.”

But CRS Data doesn’t stop there: to ensure that all MLS Tax Suite users have everything they need to succeed, CRS Data offers a robust Help Center featuring articles and short tutorials on topics such as prospecting, advanced search tools, customizing reports, using maps and more. To browse the full MLS Tax Suite tutorial library and learn more about how to use the platform’s robust tools, click here.

When it comes to supporting our customers and users, CRS Data is committed to providing the tools and resources that foster your business’ growth and success. With enhanced mapping and search capabilities, MLS Tax Suite goes beyond basic listing data to bring strategic value to your business, your clients and you—all backed by unparalleled customer support. 


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