Thoughtful Data and the Client Experience

It’s been said that searching for the perfect home is like looking for a unicorn. And nationwide, as housing inventory remains low (though it’s slowly rising) and home prices and mortgage interest rates remain high, finding that dream home is even more of a challenge. How can real estate professionals help their clients find (or sell) the unicorn? Through thoughtful data.

The Thoughtful Approach

The thoughtful data model is client-centered, tailored directly toward the property details a client may be searching for in a home. But that data search can be much more specialized. For instance, it can include much more specific details about what a client is looking for in a neighborhood, a community, or a certain zip code. It can consider the trajectory of property values, which are affected by issues like flooding; school zoning; and proximity to business districts or parks. And those who are selling a home may want data that describes area sales trends, like the number of homes sold or the rise and fall of home prices in a certain area, information that is also beneficial to purchasers.

These data points don’t just tell a story that helps clients imagine themselves purchasing or selling a home; they also enhance the value of the client’s relationship with the real estate pro who is helping them in that endeavor.

“Providing thoughtful data unique to each client’s needs is a surefire way to not only establish trust but to facilitate and expedite informed decision-making that leads to success for all stakeholders involved in a real estate transaction,” said Sara Cooper, CRS Data’s Executive Vice President, Real Estate Market. “CRS Data offers users multiple ways to compile reports with multiple data sets that are easy to interpret for both real estate professionals and their clients.”

CRS Data’s MLS Tax Suite is a powerful data tool that real estate professionals can use to make their clients feel as unique as the home they’re selling or searching for.
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